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Al Aa on death row

>KUWAIT TIMES 18 January 2000: Kuwait's state security investigators
>interrogated on Monday Al Aa Hussein, head of the puppet government
>set up by Iraq during its 1990 invasion of Kuwait.
>Al Aa was grilled for three hours before being sent back to the Central
>Jail, local English daily Arab Times reported Tuesday.
>The interrogation focused on Al Aa's relations with the Iraqi government and
>the testimony given by other eight members in the so-called, illegal interim
>government, the newspaper quoted informed sources as saying.
>The sources said Al Aa was questioned about his relations with the Iraqi
>ruling party and why he decided to stay in Iraq after the end of the 1991
>Gulf war that liberated Kuwait from the seven-month Iraqi occupation.
>Al Aa Hussein, accompanied by his four children, returned to Kuwait early
>Friday morning aboard a Dutch flight with a Norwegian travel document valid
>for only one trip.
>He was arrested by state security and taken to the Central Prison
>immediately after the entry. His children were handed over to their
>relatives here.
>Al Aa, once a young lieutenant in the Kuwaiti army, along with other eight
>who worked in the Ministry of Defence, was said to be taken to Iraq just a
>few days after the illegal invasion on August 2, 1990.
>It was announced later that they had formed the illegal provisional
>government, headed by Al Aa.
>After the liberation of Kuwait, the eight men were released at the Kuwaiti
>border and each given 50,000 U.S. dollars by Iraq. As they said on their
>return they were forced to cooperate with the Iraqi regime, Kuwaiti legal
>authorities, which found their claims genuine, acquitted them of any
>wrong-doing. But Al Aa, who left Iraq for Norway about two years ago, was
>issued a death sentence by a Kuwaiti court in 1991 on charges of high treason.
>The main aim he choose to return to Kuwait was, in his own words, to appeal
>against the death sentence. His lawyer Khalid Abdel Jaileel has submitted a
>petition objecting the death sentence and the state criminal court has
>decided to start examining the case February 20.
>Meanwhile, local reports said that conditions around a house used to be
>inhabited by Al Aa were quite normal. Kids were playing in front the house,
>near which no additional security was observed.

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