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Middle East: Saddam: sanctions are crumbling

The following is an extract from the above story. Unfortunately your 
reporting is quoting as fact the Government line - perhaps this is 
because their propaganda is so highly effective! I have complained 
to you before about exactly this quote in a previous article so I am 
beginning to get worried about your neutrality. As this is a criticism I 
should perhaps balance it by saying that I think that your service is 
excellent and that BBC News Online is my home page when 
logging on.

> In December 1998, Washington and London launched four days of air
> attacks against Iraq after Baghdad failed to co-operate with UN
> weapons inspectors. 

Below is a Reuters version which is more neutral. AP use similar 

> > >  U.N. weapons inspectors have not been in Iraq since a year ago
> > >  this week,
> > > when the United States and Britain launched bombing raids against
> > > Baghdad for its alleged failure to cooperate with the U.N. arms
> > > commission.

Mark Parkinson

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