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Sci/Tech Uranium on jet 'not a risk'

This is a quote from this article:

> Depleted uranium (DU) is a heavy substance, 1.7 times as dense as
> lead, and used in armour-piercing munitions. Many Gulf War veterans
> believe it is implicated in a range of medical problems they are
> suffering from, known collectively as Gulf War Syndrome. 

Our Government does not want to acknowledge the possible 
problems with DU. In particular Iraq is facing an enormous increase 
in cancers and birth defects in the affected regions (and the 
genocidal sanctions have prevented them dealing with these 
effectively). There seems to be a conspiracy of silence when it 
comes to Iraqi civilian casualties. Our only chance of getting our 
Government to help these Iraqis is if you report these possible 
problems. If you have not heard about these problems in Iraq I can 
provide some references for you.

Mark Parkinson

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