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Voices UK and Voices US in Court

1) Andrea Needham partial victory in court
2) Voices US partial victory in court

Dear All,

1) Andrea Needham partial victory in court

Yesterday, Monday 12 July, Andrea Needham of voices in the wilderness uk
appeared in Horseferry Road magistrates court in London for the non-payment
of a 1300 compensation order.

On 17 December 1998 Andrea threw red paint on the Foreign Office and wrote
'Stop the Killing' on the wall (Gabriel Carlyle, co-coordinator of voices uk
did the same, writing 'Lift the Sanctions'). On 15 March 1999 she was
sentenced to 28 days in prison, and served 12 days in Holloway.

At Horseferry Road, Andrea was facing a maximum penalty of 45 days in prison
for nonpayment (meted out to Gabriel Carlyle on 10 May 1999). The magistrate
was initially hostile, but she relented after a passionate speech by Andrea
on the horrors she had seen in Iraqi hospitals. The magistrate decided to
impose only a ONE day sentence.

Andrea's appearance in court counted as one day, and so she served only TEN
MINUTES for her 1300 compensation order, compared to Gabriel's 23 DAYS.


2) Voices US in court for criminal trespass

Six members of the Commence with Compassion fast and vigil began day 8 of
the fast by going to Northwestern University President Henry Bienen's office
on Tuesday morning, June 15. The Voices in the Wilderness members referred
to previous correspondence sent to the President's office expressing their
concern over awarding an honorary doctorate of law to Ms. Albright, given
her active support of a foreign policy that has violated international law
and directly caused the deaths of over 200,000 Iraqi civilians.

Voices US members said they wouldn't leave the office until University
officials could explain, to their satisfaction, how they could justify
selecting Ms. Albright for this honor. VitW members were told that they
could remain in the office until 5:00 p.m., but after that they would have
to leave.

Shortly after this notice, Voices members began, once every ten minutes, to
quietly circulate through the 15 or so desks and cubicles in the President's
office, knocking on each door, and telling the employees that in the past
ten minutes another Iraqi child had died because of economic sanctions
against Iraq.

The employees were mainly sympathetic to these brief overtures.  However,
Dr. Barr warned the VitW members not to continue "bothering" the workers.
Within fifteen minutes, Northwestern University Police arrested the six VitW
members and charged them with criminal trespass.  A court date was set for
July 9, 1999.

Five of those arrested have traveled to Iraq in violation of the US/UN
economic sanctions and have witnessed the tragic consequences of  the most
comprehensive state of siege ever imposed in modern history.  Facing charges
of criminal trespass were:  Rev. G. Simon Harak, SJ of Baltimore, MD; David
Ferguson of Blacksburg, VA; Steve Jacobs of Columbia, MO; Kathy Kelly of
Chicago, IL; Ken Hannaford-Ricardi, of Worcester, MA; and Bert Sacks of
Seattle, WA.

On Friday 9 July, the six were sentenced to a mere 30 days probation.


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