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Inspection of US Nuclear Weapons sites...


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>Media Advisory
>For Immediate Release
>February 24th, 1998
>(Vancouver) Libby Davies, Member of Parliament for Vancouver East, will
lead a
>Citizens' Weapons Inspection Team composed of community and church leaders to
>search for U.S. weapons of mass destruction suspected to be deployed in
>neighbouring Washington State.
>The team's visit to Washington State will occur as nuclear-armed U.S. and
>British military forces, backed by Canadian forces, stand poised for a
>military assault against Iraq to enforce U.N. weapons inspections.
>"Canada should play the role of peacemaker by working to ensure that all
>weapons of mass destruction are banned," said Libby Davies. "Our team will
>begin by inspecting the country which possesses thousands of the most deadly
>weapons ever created - nuclear weapons."
>Analysts suspect that 1600 active nuclear weapons are based in Washington
>State - more active weapons than Britain, France, and China combined. The
>will focus its inspection on Submarine Base Bangor, the homeport of eight
>Trident submarines located near Puget Sound, west of Seattle. A Trident
>submarine can carry 24 missiles and 200 nuclear bombs - enough to destroy an
>entire country.
>Joining Libby Davies, M.P., will be Peter Coombes, President of End the Arms
>Race; Murray Dobbin, National Board Member of The Council of Canadians; Ed
>Schmitt, Chair of the Peace and Social Justice Committee of the Anglican
>Diocese of New Westminster; David Morgan, President of Veterans Against
>Nuclear Arms; and others.
>The team will depart Vancouver at 7 A.M. Thursday, February 26th, (the same
>day the H.M.C.S. Toronto arrives in the Persian Gulf). It will be joined by
>U.S. members at a meeting in Seattle at 11 a.m., and the team will arrive at
>Submarine Base Bangor at 4:00 p.m.
>The team has written the base commander requesting full and unconditional
>access to the site to search for nuclear weapons of mass destruction. "Only
>rogue states stockpile and conceal weapons of mass destruction," said Peter
>Coombes. "We expect to be granted our request for an inspection of nuclear
>weapons deployed on the U.S. submarines."
>                                        (30)
>Contact: Libby Davies, Ottawa (613) 992-6030, Vancouver (604) 775-5800.
>        Jillian Skeet, End the Arms Race at (604) 688-8846.
>        The team will depart in white vans at 7 A.M. from
>        1207 Salsbury Drive (at William St. near Commercial Drive).

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