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Voices in the Wilderness update

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From: Kathy Kelly <>

Dear Friends,

Rick McDowell, Chuck Quilty and I returned to Chicago yesterday evening. 
It was a smooth trip until a customs agent scanned my passport number into
his computer.  US Customs detained me for about an hour, questioned me
about my travel and then confiscated my USA passport.  The agents said the
US State Department will probably contact me.  Certainly we want to notify
the State Department, the Treasury Department and the Clinton
Administration that we appreciate the clarity of their warnings as regards
travel to Iraq, but that we feel now, more than ever, the urgency to be
governed by compassion rather than by the pitiless laws that have imposed
so much agony on Iraqi people. 

Democracy is based on information.  Those who travel to Iraq return able
to voice the weary, frightened and bewildered pleas of innocent people
battered by a seven year state of siege.  It's an important time to assert
our belief in the right to travel freely to an area where children are
dying at the hands of US policy makers, where US resources, poured into
the rathole of US military spending, are poised to destroy and terrify a
whole population.  US government intransigience, coupled with appalling
indifference to civilian suffering, are a menace to peacemaking.  Lets
claim our right to speak freely and demand the religious right not to

We're very moved by the outpouring of war resistance that communities
around the world are sustaining, on behalf of Iraqi children and families.
With concerted efforts, we can expose the real crime, that of using
sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction. 


Kathy Kelly

Voices in the Wildernss
A Campaign to End the US/UN Economic Sanctions Against the People of Iraq
1460 West Carmen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640
ph:773-784-8065; f: 773-784-8837

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