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Saadi challenges Butler on facts

 Saadi challenges Butler on facts

 South News Feb 16

 Baghdad: Iraq has accused UNSCOM chief Richard Butler of pushing
 towards military confrontation and challenged on the facts. 

 "He is just exerting maximum pressure and provoking and
 beating the drums of war. He is just acting like a US or a
 British politician," An Iraqi presidential advisor, Amer al Sadi,
 told a press conference. 

 Mr al Saadi said he was amazed by Mr Butler's comments in an 
 interview in which the UN official had explained why his inspectors
 should have unhindered access to all suspected weapons sites in Iraq. 

 Mr Butler said: "Wherever we have had access we have found 
 prohibited weapons and have helped to get rid of them."

 But Mr al Sadi issued a direct challenge to Mr Butler: 
 "Read the reports of the inspectors on all the hundreds and
 hundreds of inspections that were carried out by his team 
 and tell us exactly where they have discovered weapons of mass
 destruction or related materials." 

 "The facts are Iraq declared these weapons. Iraq presented
 these weapons to Unscom and Iraq destroyed them under
 the supervision of Unscom." 

 General Amer al-Saadi went to say that US and Britain were 
 undermining the work of the weapons inspectors. 
 "The military attack would practically destroy the
 (monitoring) system which relies on communications
 cameras and sensors," said Amer al-Saadi. 

 Saadi added that Iraq would make no attempt to tamper with
 the equipment of the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM)
 charged with verifying Iraq has dismantled its weapons of
 mass destruction. 


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