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Dear Everyone

I feel that I must play Devils Advocate here  as far as this issue is
concerned.  The fact is that in my opinion the sanctions against Iraq
should be lifted, but there may be a case for a direct military campaign
in the next few weeks.

I am usually opposed to war, but I feel that it is wrong to slam the USA
for taking a legitimate and responsible line.  I feel that the scope of
sdanctions is too wide, but there is clearly a cse for maintaining some
sanctions.  By the same token, there is surely a case for military action.

It is perfectly clear that there is a degree of hypocrisy about the US's
stance (after all, there was no such enthusiasm for getting embroiled in
Bosnia) but I would ask people what the alternative is to sanctions or
military action.  If we do not want either, then how are we to force
Saddam to comply with United Nations resolutions?

Iraq may possess weapons of mass destruction capable of causing vast
suffering to the people of Israel and other countries in the area.  It is
not right that they should be allowed to hold on to these weapons in
defiance of the UN.  Now the UN is 50 years old, it is often seen as
toothless.  If there is to be no action against Iraq then yet another UN
resolution will have been successfully defied by a cruel dictator and the
credibility of the UN will be damaged.  The stance currently taken by
Russia and Egypt is ridiculous.  To rule out military action is to remove
the threat which is the only thing likely to procure a peaceful
settlement: Saddam has shown that he will push the international community
as far as he can without definitive defeat.  If, as CASI supporters, we
are saying that the sanctions are wrong because they are not hurting
Saddam but are hurting the people of Iraq, then surely the best way to end
sanctions and to bring about an acceptable solution for the safety of the
Middle East would be to hit targets militarily which are closest to
Hussein such as ptresidential palaces, barracks of the palace guard, etc.

I know this view is somewhat controversial and it is one which I am  very
uncomfortable with myself.  But as I feel that it is right to enoforce UN
resolutions necessary for protecting the Middle East stability, I can see
no other way than the tough stance being taken by Madeline Albright.  If
anyone has any other ideas for solving the present crisis then I would be
veryu interested to hear.

Best wishes

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