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[casi-analysis] The future of the CASI-analysis list - please read

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Dear CASI-analysis members,

Since the formal wind-up of CASI [Campaign against Sanctions on Iraq], this
list has been maintained as a discussion/news forum by a group of
volunteers made up of former CASI committee members. We have now reached a
position where it is no longer possible for us to devote time to
maintaining the list, and we can no longer justify using the remaining
financial resources and web infrastructure of CASI for its upkeep.

We've greatly appreciated the contributions and discussion of the
list-members. If you would like to see an Iraq-related list continue in an
independent form (for instance, as a yahoogroup list), we would gladly
advertise it to the list members for them to join, and provide set-up
advice to whoever wishes to take on its administration. If you would like
to undertake this, please email the list.

The CASI-analysis list will be discontinued in two weeks' time.
The list archive up to this point will remain at

With many thanks for all your support and contributions over the past

Mike Lewis
Rachel Laurence
Dan O'Huigginn

CASI-analysis moderators

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