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Re: [casi-analysis] 'insurgents': who are they and what do they want

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I'm glad about the apostrophes.

It worries me how much our media conforms with the language used by
one side in this conflict.

My bete noire is the BBC which very quickly started using the term
and resolutely refuses any mention of resistance fighters. They do of
course use terms like militants, rebels, terrorists etc

The end result is to bestow more legitimacy on the occupying forces
and their Iraqi interim 'regime' and simultaneously belittle and
illegitimise those resisting the occupation

On 14 Nov 2004 at 22:44, Daniel O'Huiginn wrote:

> 2 things:
> Firstly, If for some reason any of you aren't on the CASI
> announcements list, you may have missed the briefing on denial of
> water in Iraq which I wrote with Ali last week. It's available at
> Secondly, I've been asked to give somebody pointers to information on
> the identity and aims of what the British goverment wonderfully
> describes as 'anti-Iraqi forces'. Can list members suggest good
> information sources for this?
> The one that leaps to mind is the 'inventory of Iraqi resistence
> groups' which Cathy posted a few weeks ago, but I'm sure there are
> more good resources out there. Is anyone compiling statements from the
> various groups, for example?

Mark Parkinson

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