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[casi-analysis] comment to BBC on reported read of M. Hassan

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Dear Colleagues:

    Just sent this comment to BBC  on the reported death of Margaret Hassan to. Since they likely 
print it, I'm sending a copy  to CASI for your  comments and suggestions.

If to the great loss to humankind, Margaret Hassan is indeed dead, a great deal of  vital truth may 
 have  died with her.

Who benefits? Are we not morally obligated to ask this question?

  Margaret Hassan in long interview with me in 2002  said that the one of the main reasons that the 
water system of Iraq had not been rehabilitated as of 2002 was that Iraq was not permitted by the 
US dominate UN to inspect water purification equipment before paying for it. Further almost all 
such shipments that got through despite US  and UK blocks and holds were worthless due to 
substandard quality.

   Let us mourn this splendid humanitarian if she has indeed been killed by investigating her 
charges (particularly since the U.S. Senate's Coleman Committee is spinning an entirely different 

Prof. Thomas J. Nagy
Washington, D.C. USA

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