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[casi-analysis] Re: CASI-analysis digest, Vol 1 #175 - 1 msg

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In the midst of the carnage in Iraq and F16s dropping 500
pound bombs in the middle of cities, demonstartors taking
their protests to Najaf, journalists ordered out by police,
a problematic conference that is supposed to be a major
landmark in Iraq's new political arrangements, oil prices
rocketing, more dodgy accounting at Halliburton, the family
of the Abu Ghraib whistle blower in protective custody,
Saddam's debt to be extracted from starving Iraqis, more
aggressive posturing at the US presidential elections, etc,
why is CASI wasting time on this self-serving Baghdad
Bulletin rubbish?

Kamil Mahdi

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 13:01:03 +0100 wrote:

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> Posted on behalf of Line Thomsen (
> Dear List manager and dear Hassan,
> You are absolutely right, one can not just take stories, articles or
> opinions off the web (or anywhere else for that matter) just because they
> seem untrue. We would never be doing anything else if that was possible.
> And what I think is true may be untrue to other minds. Still, it is hard
> not to feel like it when lies are paraded as the truth - not just a world
> wide web problem but a worldwide one altogether. So my suggestion that
> Felicity Arbuthnot's piece on the Baghdad Bulletin should be taken off was
> not right. I'll have my say, she'll have hers and you will have yours,
> Butler, Blair and who ever will have theirs. A free democratic an inaliable
> human right. Agreed.
> Line Thomsen
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