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Re: Re: [casi-analysis] Baghdad Bulletin - a reply- again!

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Dear List manager and dear Hassan,

You are absolutely right, one can not just take stories, articles or
opinions off the web (or anywhere else for that matter) just because they
seem untrue. We would never be doing anything else if that was possible.
And what I think is true may be untrue to other minds. Still, it is hard
not to feel like it when lies are paraded as the truth - not just a world
wide web problem but a worldwide one altogether. So my suggestion that
Felicity Arbuthnot's piece on the Baghdad Bulletin should be taken off was
not right. I'll have my say, she'll have hers and you will have yours,
Butler, Blair and who ever will have theirs. A free democratic an inaliable
human right. Agreed.

Line Thomsen

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