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[casi-analysis] BBC bias on Iraq

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The BBC at every opportunity tries to avoid our responsibility for
what has happened in Iraq. Perhaps some of your journalists and
researchers should see John Pilger's documentary this Sunday on the
ITV News channel. Even better would be for the BBC to screen this
documentary so that a wider audience can see it.

In the extract below, Caroline Hawley includes the favoured mantra of
'neglect' as well as corruption. She should find out how good the
health system was in Iraq before our genocidal sanctions.

A more subtle 'error' is the reference to two decades for the brain
drain whereas the truth is that our sanctions caused this.


Iraq appeals for health funding

The BBC's Caroline Hawley in Baghdad says shortages were common under
the previous government of Saddam Hussein due to a combination of
economic sanctions, neglect and corruption.

Observers say another problem over the last two decades has been the
"brain drain" of healthcare professionals to foreign countries.

Mark Parkinson

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