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   1. FPIF News | Of Rumor & Reality (IRC Communications)


Message: 1
From: "IRC Communications" <>
Organization: Interhemispheric Resource Center
Subject: FPIF News | Of Rumor & Reality
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 09:42:18 -0600

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What=92s New at FPIF
"Working to make the U.S. a more responsible global leader and partner"

April 30, 2004

Introducing a new commentary from Foreign Policy In Focus

Of Rumor and Reality
By Colonel Daniel Smith, USA (Ret.)

Rumor and reality continue to clash one year after President Bush declared =
an end to major combat operations in Iraq.

May 1st marks a full year since President Bush declared major combat to be =
over in Iraq. At that point, 138 U.S. military personnel had died in Iraq,
115 killed by hostile fire.

Since then, another 598 have died, 456 in combat. Of this latter number, 12=
6 were killed in April alone; that=92s 22% of total combat deaths (571) in =
one month.

Many of these casualties come from the three-week stand-offs at Fallujah an=
d Najaf. Brigadier General Kimmitt, a Coalition Provisional Authority spoke=
sperson, has warned repeatedly in the last ten days that time is running ou=
t for peaceful settlement of the confrontations. "Our patience is not etern=
al," he remarked on April 28th.

Dan Smith <> is a military affairs analyst for Foreign Policy i=
Focus (online at ), a retired U.S. army colonel, and a senior
fellow on Military Affairs at the Friends Committee on National Legislation=

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