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Re: [casi-analysis] On the 'transfer of sovereignty'

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On 20 Apr 2004 at 14:59, Dirk Adriaensens wrote:

> And there's also another problem: I think that the US want to ruin the
> reputations of people like Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck, and
> try to accuse them of "corruption". Especially Hans von Sponeck was
> very worried about this, because he is already involved in 2 court
> cases, because of the smear campagne against him. They tried to accuse
> him of being a Saddam apologist, anti-semite... you name it. He said:
> "will I have to go to court again?", and sighed. I told him to rely
> also on the anti-sanctions movement for support.

The 19th April news digest included a rambling and poorly argued
article/diatribe attacking the UN and the oil for food programme.
Sounds like part of the same campaign.

> We know the US/UK governments have always tried to lie about the
> reality of the sanctions (as they did about the war). And I'm sure
> that they want to rewrite history on that terrible page in history. So
> I think we have to stay vigilant and to consider ourselves as
> defenders of the truth about these inhumane sanctions. That's why,
> according to me, our work is far from over. Also because war and
> occupation are just an extention of the sanctions, only worse.

I couldn't agree more.

Mark Parkinson

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