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[casi-analysis] Re: UK Ministry of Defense Issues DU Warning Cards to Soldiers Deployed to Iraq

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Dear Charlei,

Thanks for your response. The situation is very strange indeed. The
information comes from an informal source and there's no official source to
confirm it? It would be interesting to find out how exactly these cards made
their way into soldiers' hands. At what level were the relevant decisions
made? And when? Before, during, or after the war, ie after combat operations
were declared to have been finished? Couldn't someone in the UK put the
questions to their MoD directly and make them come out with it?


Charles Jenks  <> 2004.02.23. 16:35:18 -5h-kor írta:

> Good questions. The card came from a British veteran through a reliable
> source. He maintains that troops are carrying the card in Iraq. Hearing
> from soldiers returning from Iraq would be helpful, obviously.

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