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[casi-analysis] Audio and Powerpoint - Iraqi MD exposes effects of war on Iraq

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Dr. Jawad Al-Ali,  manager of the Oncology Center in Basrah, Iraq, has
exposed the health effects of wars on Iraq. He has presented the results of
cancer studies in Iraq at the World Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg
and the recent Japan Peace Conference, Naha, Okinawa January 29 - February
1, 2004.

He reveals that cancer mortality has increased 19 fold since Gulf War I in
Basra, and the occurrence of unusual phenomena, such as familial clusterings
of cancers, double and triple cancers in one patient, and cancers usually
associated with elderly patients occurring in the young. Rates of cancer and
radiation activity have both shown sharp increases since Gulf War I, when
about 340 tons of uranium munitions were expended in Iraq, much of this in
the Basrah area. (The US refuses to disclose how much tonnage of uranium
weapons it used I Iraq during Gulf War II. Estimates have ranged from over
100 tons up to 2000 tons.)

You can hear and read his presentation at

The page includes a link to the audio of his talk to the World Uranium
Weapons Conference, the slide show in pdf format, the text of his talk to
the Japan Peace Conference in Haha, Okinawa, January 29-Feb 1, 2004 and
photographs of Dr. Jawad Al-Ali from the World Uranium Weapons Conference.
The slide show contains tables and graphs explaining the health effects of
the war, pictures of Iraq after bombings, and very graphic pictures of Iraqi
cancer victims. (Warning: many of these photos are horrific and are not
suitable for children in this writer's opinion.) The slide show photographs
are the work of Japanese photo journalist Takashi Morizumi.

Thanks to the efforts of Canadian physician Ross Wilcock, we've made
available this easy to download 2.25 mg pdf version of the slide show. This
version is friendly for download to people with dial-up connections while
preserving the content, including photographs, of the original. You could
also download the audio of his presentation, and listen to his talk while
scrolling through the slide show.

The talk and visual presentation cover most of the same ground do not
exactly match given time restraints of his talk (he needed to skip or change
the order of some slides.) The webpage above has a key to assist in going
through the presentation while listening to the talk. AFSC has published a
42 mg version of the presentation in Powerpoint format.

We have audio of other speakers from the World Uranium Weapons Conference
that we will be uploading to the Traprock site over the next few weeks. For
more information on the conference, including conference reports, go to

For the audio, we wish to thank Martin Voelker, who converted and edited
audio we recorded at the Hamburg conference, and Marion Kuepker, a convener
of the Hamburg conference and with Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen
(GAAA) -  She kindly provided their conference

Thank you, Charlie Jenks

Charles Jenks, attorney at law
President of the Core Group
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
413-773-1633; Fax 413-773-7507

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