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[casi-analysis] Truth Commission Demanded on Whitewash

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FEBRUARY 3, 2004
2:55 PM
 CONTACT:   20/20 Vision
Tom Z. Collina (202) 833-2020

Iraq War Whitewash - 20/20 Vision Launches On-Line Petition Calling for
Truly Independent Investigation Before November Elections
WASHINGTON - February 3 - 20/20 Vision, a national, nonpartisan public
education organization, today launched an on-line petition calling on
Congress to create a truly independent commission to investigate the Iraq
war intelligence failure before the November elections. ³The White House is
pulling a fast one on the American people,² said Tom Z. Collina, 20/20
Vision Executive Director. ³By launching a probe under his control,
President Bush is trying to kick this issue past the November elections. The
American people deserve an honest, timely review, not a whitewash.²
To demonstrate public support for a truly independent and timely
investigation, 20/20 Vision has launched an on-line petition that asks
Congress to create a separate commission not under the administration¹s
control. ³The White House should never investigate itself‹it would be like
Nixon investigating Watergate,² said Collina. ³And it cannot be trusted to
deliver results by Election Day, when American voters need this
The petition is located at
The Bush administration announced that it will establish a commission‹made
up of members of its choosing and covering a broad range of intelligence
topics‹that will continue into 2005. The Democratic leadership of the House
and Senate sent a letter to the President yesterday stating that: ³A
commission appointed and controlled by the White House will not have the
independence or credibility necessary to investigate these issues.²
According to Collina, a congressionally appointed commission should focus on
the issue of the White House¹s role in hyping the Iraqi threat and report
back before the election. ³Some say we should not politicize this issue by
mixing it with the 2004 elections,² said Collina. ³But this is inherently a
political issue. America went to war‹at a cost of hundreds of lives and
billions of dollars‹based on President Bush¹s exaggerated case that Iraq was
an imminent threat. He was wrong‹there is no debate about that. The question
is, did he know he was wrong? For America to be a truly informed democracy,
we need the truth before November 2.²
Collina added, ³if I was your stock broker, and I lost your life¹s savings
on a bad deal, wouldn¹t you want to know that before you renewed my

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