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[casi-analysis] mobile phones in Iraq

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Hello to all,

Here’s is the latest information on a mobile phone contract in Iraq. This is
of particular concern is because Iraq might be parceled into 3 territories,
each of which has a mobile phone service that cannot communicate with the
other territory in the same way that we have US phones on a different
network than European phones. (from today’s article, for example, “Iraq's
interim administration has divided the country into northern, central, and
southern areas, each of which are initially getting one mobile operator. The
initial operating licences will be in force for just two years.”)  IF anyone
has more information on the mobile stories, please share.

Included below are two articles and a link for more information on mobiles
in Iraq.


Business & Finance - Friday 6.2.2004

Nokia secures mobile network deal in Iraq

 <> Nokia has secured
a deal for the setting up of a GSM mobile telephone network in the south of

    Iraq's interim administration has divided the country into northern,
central, and southern areas, each of which are initially getting one mobile
operator. The initial operating licences will be in force for just two

    Nokia will deliver the network to Atheer Telecom, which is owned by the
Kuwaiti mobile operator MTC. The network will cover the city of Basra, and
will extend to the outskirts of Baghdad.

    Power in Iraq is to be transferred to the Iraqis next summer, after
which the number of licenced mobile operators is likely to increase.

    "We have to look at the issues on a time scale of 20 years. This is a
very important foothold for us", says Jari Paakkarinen of Nokia Networks.

    In the initial stages Nokia will build the Atheer network in the largest
cities in the area and along main roads.

The building of mobile networks is part of the Iraqi reconstruction
programme. When Saddam Hussein was in power Iraq's mobile telephone network
was restricted to party members.

    Most Iraqi reconstruction projects were expected to go to companies from
countries in the US-led coalition. However, this does not seem to be the
case with the supply of mobile telephone networks.

    The companies that were given operating licences - two Kuwaiti operators
and one Egyptian company - have chosen their suppliers on the basis of
competitive bidding. Money for the investment has come from the United

    The mobile network project in the north of the country has been divided
between Germany's Siemens and China's Hua-wei, and the southern core network
will be built by Nokia and its Kuwaiti partner FCCI.

    Apparently no choice has been made for a supplier for the central zone,
as companies have been reluctant to set up expensive base stations in areas
where there is still unrest. France's Alcatel and the American Motorola have
been mentioned as possible suppliers for the central zone.

Nokia and Future Communications Co. International secure deal for Atheer
Telecom's GSM network in southern Iraq
February 05, 2004

Nokia will be exclusive supplier of GSM core network in its first network
deal in Iraq.

Nokia has concluded a supply agreement with Future Communications Company
International (FCCI) to supply GSM core network equipment to Atheer Telecom
for its network in Iraq.  Atheer Telecom, a consortium led by the
Kuwait-based mobile operator MTC, won a license last autumn to provide GSM
service in southern Iraq, including Basra.  MTC awarded FCCI an exclusive
contract for the supply of the Nokia GSM core network equipment for the
two-year period of Atheer Telecom's license.

The deal represents Nokia's first supply of GSM equipment to Iraq and its
first GSM core network deal with MTC.

Deliveries have already begun, with the aim of achieving the challenging
six-month roll-out of GSM in the southern regions of Iraq covered by Atheer
Telecom's license.

Under the agreement, FCCI will be providing a full Nokia core network,
including the Nokia Connect MSC switch, part of the Nokia Connect GSM
solution for new growth markets.  In addition, the Nokia Intelligent Network
and the Nokia Management System are included.  Nokia and its subcontractors
will handle all implementation work other than site preparation.

"MTC is delighted to continue its relationship with FCCI and Nokia, which
has now grown to include the Nokia switching solution, and we are very
pleased to be closely involved in such a key milestone in this important
country as a new area of operation," says Dr Saad Al-Barrak, Director
General, MTC.  "Our experience with FCCI and Nokia in Kuwait and Bahrain has
been very successful, and we look forward to working with FCCI and Nokia on
this and many other opportunities in the region."

"Nokia is delighted to be working with Atheer Telecom to deliver GSM service
to southern Iraq," says Simon Brown, Area Vice President, Middle East and
North Africa, Nokia Networks.  "The Iraqi people have been denied adequate
telecommunications for too long and we are very pleased to play our part in
rolling out a system that will improve their lives.  This will be a
challenging project, but Iraq is an untapped market with enormous

"FCCI is happy to be facilitating this important deal for Nokia," says Ali
Abbas Behbehani, Director, FCCI.  "Our local expertise has played a crucial
role in bringing this agreement to a successful conclusion.  We look forward
to continuing our warm relationships with both Nokia and MTC."

Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and
sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia is dedicated to
enhancing people's lives and productivity by providing easy-to-use and
secure products like mobile phones, and solutions for imaging, games, media,
mobile network operators and businesses. Nokia is a broadly held company
with listings on five major exchanges.

Media Enquiries:

Networks, Nokia


Tel. (Int.) + 358 (0) 7180 38198




Tel. +358 7180 34900


link for more info:

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Eduardo Galeano.


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