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[casi-analysis] Fwd: Hutton Inquiry Action

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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 23:16:01 GMT
Subject: Hutton Inquiry Action
From: Gerard Rosenberg <>
Reply-to: <>

Dear  Beatrice Boctor,

This Wednesday Parliament will be debating the Hutton Inquiry. I urge you to contact your MP by fax 
at to call for a FULL and OPEN independent inquiry.

Tony Blair is talking of an inquiry into the intelligence surrounding the war. However, we are 
concerned he will use such an opportunity to shift the blame onto the intelligence services.

We are calling for a FULL and OPEN inquiry will reveal the full political reasons why this country 
was taken to war, when millions of British people (and others from around the world) were against 

Since the release of the Hutton Report opinion polls have shown the majority of the public share 
our concerns and are extremely dissatisfied with the Report findings.

We are still waiting for answers from Tony Blair about the credibility of the intelligence used, 
about the way in which it was manipulated, and about the aims of British foreign policy in a 
complex and changing world.

This issue will not go away while British soldiers continue to lose their lives, while our armed 
services are daily in harm's way, and while the war is costing us £5m a day. Britain is a major 
terrorist target.

We need to be reassured that the top priority for British foreign policy should be genuine British 
interests and values, rather than merely obliging President Bush.

If you have not already done so then please make the time to contact your MP and demand a Full and 
Independent Inquiry. The time is act is NOW. is the ONLY opportunity you have to pressure your MP to call for a Full 

Thank you for your support.
Yours sincerely,

Gerard Rosenberg
for Our World Our Say

PS: Please forward this email to three friends here - we must get MPs' attention

Now is the time to get the message across to your MP that only a Full and Independent Inquiry will 

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