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[casi-analysis] List of alleged oil bribes

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Dear List,

Memri's translation includes the following detail:

> Other political parties: .....
> The Party of the Hungarian Interest received 4.7 million barrels.
> The Bulgarian Socialist Party received 1 2 million barrels. The Slovakian
> Communist Party received 1 million barrels.

To suppose that an insignificant party would be given millions of barrels of
oil is so ridiculous that this claim alone is sufficient to make the whole
article look a hoax. The refutation of this claim was brought by Magyar
Hirlap, a daily which, to be sure, has never sympathized with the lady in

"The Magyar Hirlap newspaper said Kiraly, who founded the small right-wing
Hungarian Interest Party, received 4.7 million barrels of oil from Hussein
after she pledged in 1999 support to the cause of Palestinian independence.
Hungarian law enforcement authorities investigated the charge in 2000 but
found no proof that Kiraly received the barrels, the newspaper said. She has
since retired from politics and is not commenting on the charges."



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