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Selected UN Press Releases and Briefings


This page contains a partial listing of UN press releases and briefings relating to Iraq. A listing of press releases issued by the UN Headquarters in New York can be found at the UN News Centre. Links to press releases issued by UN agencies such as Unicef may be listed in their entries on our information sources page. The press releases felt by us to particularly important are marked with a green star, [important].


  • Statement by Benon V. Sevan, Executive Director of the UN Iraq Programme, to the Security Council (29 May 2002). A Reuters summary is "Iraq-U.N. Oil Price Dispute Bankrupts UN Goods Plan".
  • Statement by Benon V. Sevan, Executive Director of the UN Iraq Programme, briefing the Security Council about his recent visit to Iraq, 26 February 2002:

    "The work of the Security Council [Sanctions] Committee has bogged down almost to a standstill; one could say - without any hesitation - that the work of the Committee is paralyzed with numerous issues awaiting action for long periods of time. There is a need for a serious review of the workings of the Committee [...]. Unless this is carried out, and carried out most urgently, the effective implementation of the [oil for food] programme may grind to a halt. We already are witnessing major cracks in our capacity to implement the programme effectively, with so many political and procedural hurdles, compounded by substantial drop in revenues available for programme implementation."

  • Letter from Benon Sevan, Executive Director of the UN Office of the Iraq Programme, expresses "grave concern at the unprecedented surge in the volume of holds placed on contracts by the [UN Sanctions] committee" (7 January 2002). A copy of the full text of the letter and the accompanying statistics are here (note: PDF file, 400KB). Also remarked upon in the OIP weekly report and in a report from the UN News Centre.


  • Press Briefing by UN Coordinator in Iraq (30 November 2001): "It was not the lack of food or medicine that was killing the children. Many deaths could be attributed to the lack of clean water and poor sanitary conditions." Slightly different version from the UN News Centre (30 November 2001): "The biggest killer of children is not lack of food or medicine but of water and sanitation - clean water and sanitation are absolutely necessary for the children of the country".




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