This press statement was added to the CASI site on 25 November 2001.
Note that Unikom here recognises the existence of "planes violating the airspace of Iraq". The UN Secretary-General has been more clear about the existence of such planes in his reports for UNIKOM, for example in S/2001/287, paragraphs 5-6.
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UNIKOMís investigation into the 11th November incident concerning a projectile that landed in Kuwait from Iraq has now been completed.

The investigation shows that the incident was linked to explosions and anti-aircraft rounds, which were heard north of the DMZ by UNIKOM military observers on that day. Hence, the crater found on the Kuwaiti side of the DMZ could have resulted from a 57mm anti-aircraft round fired against planes violating the airspace of Iraq and the DMZ and not from an 82mm mortar round as was initially thought.

UNIKOM has today informed UN Headquarters, the Chairman of the Coordinating Committee with the United Nations Observation Group in Iraq as well as the Kuwaiti authorities about the results of the investigation.

20 November 2001

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