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The discussion in the Security Council from May to July 2001

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A new set of proposals for modifying the sanctions regime was launched by the UK, with US backing, in May 2001. A considerable number of texts were circulated at the United Nations Security Council by the UK, France and Russia, and many of these texts have been obtained by CASI.

At present, no agreement has been reached -- the "oil-for-food" system is continuing as before under the terms of Security Council Resolution 1360 (3 July 2001). All sides recognise the unsatisfactory nature of this situation, and discussion is set to continue until an agreement is reached. The provisions of Resolution 1360 will terminate after 150 days, and the Security Council will have to decide how to take forward its approach to Iraq. The positions outlined in the following texts will be of considerable significance in determining the nature of the new regime that is likely to be imposed on Iraq by the end of 2001.

The proposals formally submitted to the Security Council for discussion

These are the proposals that CASI is aware of, together with explanatory statements.

  Draft Resolution Annex of Dual Use Goods Procedures for UN Secretariat Explanatory statements
UK No.1: 22 May 2001 No.1: 24 May 2001    
No.2: 8 June 2001      
No.3: 20 June 2001   No.1: 20 June 2001 (a) Article in al-Sharq al-Awsat, 21 June 2001
  No.2: 29 June 2001   (b) At the Security Council, 27 June 2001
France No.1: 11 June 2001 No.1: 11 June 2001 No.1: 11 June 2001 Listed fully here
No.2: 19 June 2001   No.2: 19 June 2001
Russia No.1: 22 May 2001 none none (a) At the Security Council, 26 June 2001
(b) Statement of Foreign Ministry, 27 June 2001
No.2: 26 June 2001

Further notes:

  • The annexes of dual use goods accompanying UK draft resolutions are marked as being authored by the "US/UK".
  • Sources at the UN inform us that the US/UK annex No.2 (29 June 2001) has now been accepted by China and France.

The discussion at the Security Council

  • Transcript of 26 June 2001: speeches of the representatives of Russia, the UK, France, USA, China, Tunisia, Norway, Colombia, Ukraine, Mauritius, Mali, Ireland, Singapore, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Malaysia.
  • Transcript of 28 June 2001: speeches of the representatives of Libya, Japan, Turkey, India, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Yemen, Syria, Spain, Canada, Thailand, the Arab League and Iraq.
  • Excerpts from these debates, compiled by CASI, can be found here.

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