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Guide to Sanctions

This section offers a series of short introductory articles about various aspects of the economic sanctions on Iraq, written by members of CASI.

The guide is intended to be an on-going project: each article will be improved and updated over time as new events occur and according to the suggestions and comments we receive. Please, do suggest corrections, re-writings, updates or additional information to the existing articles, if you believe that this would improve them. The continuing value of these articles depends upon the effort that people throughout the world put into keeping them accurate and informative. You can email suggestions to

  1. What's the problem with Iraq?
  2. Are sanctions to blame?
  3. What is 'oil for food', and isn't it enough?
  4. Didn't the Security Council offer an "oil-for-food" arrangement in 1991?
  5. Isn't Security Council Resolution 1284 the solution?
  6. Isn't the problem that the Iraqi regime doesn’t distribute the supplies it receives?
  7. Why is Northern Iraq in a better shape than the areas under the control of the Iraqi government?
  8. What is the UN Compensation Commission?
  9. Will "smart sanctions" alleviate the humanitarian problem in Iraq?
  10. Why is 'oil for food' suffering a funding crisis?
  11. What do other people say about sanctions?

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