Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq

Milan Rai Arrested

Sanctions-breakers arrested :

On 18 March, Milan Rai and Martin Thomas were arrested and questioned by Customs on suspicion of attempting to illegally export children's antibiotics to Iraq on 10 February. The medicines were seized; Milan and Martin took children's vitamins from Jordan into Iraq instead. If prosecuted and convicted, Milan and Martin face up to five years in prison.

Voices in the Wilderness UK :

A new group has been formed to continue hand-delivering medicines to sick children in Iraq, breaking US/UK/UN sanctions. Voices in the wilderness uk will organise delegations to Iraq, educate people about the effects of sanctions, and defend anyone who is prosecuted.


Contact: Voices in the wilderness uk,
Stanhope House, 1 Hertford Road, London N2 9BX.
Phone : Mil 0181 444 1605 or David 0171 607 2302. Internet :

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