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[casi] Oil price requirements for USA

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There is a question as to whether the USA wants high or low oil prices.
I accept that it would like stability as well.

Alan Greenspan made a speech in which he made it clear that a jump in oil
price seems to cause a recession. This is a reference to that speech:

Although there are some things that are debateable. I don't think the US's
simplistic desire for relatively low oil prices is debatable.

Tony Blair showed his ignorance when he made a speech in which he claimed
the price of oil was not important. That only applies when we have a
surplus. The profligate lifestyles of the west cannot continue (in terms
of energy consumption). The only issue of doubt is when the reversal will
be forced.

I do think the campaigning against sanctions has had some effect.
My own political party adopted a position against economic sanctions a few years
ago and there have been changes made. It is important to understand the
uncaring nature of bureaucracies and the challenge in making them change as

I don't think that Shock and Awe has been released to soften up the public.
The logic of Shock and Awe is to make your opponents give up which is
strategically what they would be aiming for.  It is sad, but I do think they intend
to launch 300-400 cruise missiles a day at Iraq at the start of the war.

I have done a bit of research into this matter.  The key I have found in original documents is
the following statement:
The second example is "Hiroshima and Nagasaki" noted earlier. The intent here is to impose a regime 
of Shock and Awe through delivery of instant, nearly incomprehensible levels of massive destruction 
directed at influencing society writ large, meaning its leadership and public, rather than 
targeting directly against military or strategic objectives even with relatively few numbers or 

One would presume that this is against IHL.

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