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Re: [casi] Article submitted to ``Eclipse'' the anti-war review

> I know it's not about oil, but I'm going to attempt to
> predict the future for everyone...

Tupac, I realize you are telling me something...very
tactfully. But what?

Suppose it has to do with my response to your Smedley
post. Actually, I was trying to agree both with you and
with Peter Kiernan. And I guess I managed to annoy you
both in one try. Is that it?

Reading over my post, I can see why. It sounds terribly
pedantic and know-all. - It was a spontaneous response
and after I'd pressed the button, I wished I hadn't.

I do think it's about oil, but not just oil for
consumption's sake.

As for the future, something has got to happen to offset
the survival-of-the-greediest mentality by an increasingly
vocal majority.

Here is a quote from an American activist. I take great
comfort in this:

     "I think people in America in the next 10 years will
     make the Vietnam protests look like a garden party. I
     think the courageous ones who stand up to the strange
     people in your government will save America from its
     leaders. I think the government has miscalculated the
     resolve of the American people."

I too hope that you are wrong - and that he is right.

Elga Sutter

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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 16:57:26 -0800 (PST)
From: tupac shakur <>
Subject: Re: [casi] Article submitted to ``Eclipse'' the anti-war review
To: H Sutter <>,

 know it's not about oil, but I'm going to attempt to predict the future

1.  USA will begin war before 2/15.

2.  After invasion, USA will NOT set up a democracy before ALL oil is

3.  After invasion, despite promises, American and British citizens will
t see lower oil prices.

4.  No WMD will be found in Iraq.

5.  Immediately after invasion, US companies will go to work QUICK
oil infrastructure and production facilities.  So quick, it will almost
as if these contracts were drawn up a long time before the war.

6.  There will NOT be a smallpox attack in America or Britain.

7.  Leading Iraqi figures involved in govt. during US occupation will have
obvious oil ties.

8.  Other than a few in the oil circles, Iraqi citizens will not see any
 the oil money once it begins pumping.

9.  MANY prisoners taken during war and susequent occupation.
Guantanmo will be already up to the task.

10.  Soon after DC declares war over, there will be a new terror link
a lot of press.  This will deal with Iran and/or Saudi Arabia.  Probably
 Iran, Saudi Arabia has Mecca, so that will require a little diplomacy.

11.  For national security reasons, evidence of terror involvement by
chosen in #10, will not be shown to the public.  This will be consistent
 with evidence alleging Bin Laden's 9/11 connection which allowed US to
Afghanistan.  Also consistent with the evidence of Saddam's WMD, which
has not been presented.

12.  The next phase of GW's plan will coincide with his re-election bid.

If I am 100% completely wrong, that would make me VERY happy.

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