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[casi] Chinese Official’s Quotes - War - Disarmament – Inspections

Note: China is a Security Council permanent member and holds the power to
veto a potential Council resolution

Chinese Official Statements on War on Iraq, Disarmament and Inspections
* Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan


Agence France Presse, “China Says UN Inspectors Need More Time, Jan 27
Report a ‘New beginning’ ”, 20 January 2003

Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan, press encounter (UN headquarters), 20
January 2003

[begin] Since the United Nations resumed the inspections in Iraq, the work
in this regard is proceeding well and it should be affirmed...I believe this
[27 January UNMOVIC/IAEA updating] report actually is not a full stop of the
inspection work but rather a new beginning...The two people in charge of the
bodies [say] there is more work to do in terms of the inspections and they
need more time...I think we should respect their opinions and support their
work...There should be an objective, impartial and respectful attitude
towards the assessment made by the two bodies so that the inspection work
can be continued in a more effective way. [end]


Source: Source: Security Council, 4688th meeting, S/PV.4688, provisional
verbatim transcript

Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan, statement to Security Council meeting
on “Combating Terrorism”, 20 January 2003

[begin] First, we must ensure that the central objective in the fight
against terrorism is the maintenance of peace and security for mankind. It
is imperative to foster a new security concept that emphasizes mutual trust,
mutual benefit, equality and cooperation so as to create a favourable broad
environment in the fight against terrorism. Solving hot-spot issues and
easing tensions in places such as the Middle East and Iraq will promote
international cooperation in the fight against terrorism. All the measures,
ways and means employed by the international community must be conducive to
the relaxation of tensions on both the regional and the international
levels. [end]


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