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Re: [casi] Letter to my MP

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As an American, Iím rather upset by your words.  True, I canít know as much about whatís going on 
inside Iraq as an Iraqi.  However, Iraq is NOT the only country impacted by the decisions made 
regarding war in Iraq.  If it is decided that war is necessary, it will be MY country that will be 
going to war.  It will be my country that will pay for that war, and it will be my country that 
will be acting outside of the UN and world opinion.  These factors MUST be taken into account, too. 
 It really does pain me to see so many Iraqis suffering.  However, that is not how this war is 
being sold to the American public.  This is being sold as being the ONLY way to assure there will 
be no WMD.  Is that what this is about?

It has been said that the first casualty of every war is the truth.  Can we stop this cycle?  If 
this war is in order to help the suffering of the Iraqi people, I think there are a few problems.  
First of all, Iím sure there are numerous countries that are being treated FAR worse by their 
leaders than Iraq.  I know I havenít been to Iraq, but I doubt you have been to countries like 
Zimbabwe, or N. Korea.  If USA is going to invade based on who is suffering the most, Iím afraid 
Iraq will have to take a number and get in line.

There are other ways of getting rid of a leader.  The CIA, if anyone, would know this.  Anyone 
notice whatís going on in Venezuela?  That is how the USA gets rid of a leader they donít like 
without using war.  Itís been done in MANY countries, and weíve got the entire Iran Contra gang 
back in power, so weíve definitely got the know how.  I donít know about you, but Iím going to 
listen to the leaders of the rest of the free world before I listen to a Texas oil manís views on 
the subject.  I'm sure the US has removed MANY more leaders by means other than war, than they have 
removed WITH war.

Another problem with going into Iraq is the precedent it will be setting.  Basically, GW is given 
free reign to go into any country pre-emptively, with or without the UNís approval, as long as they 
are perceived to be a threat.  Well, youíd better look out China!  They have a quarter of the 
worldís population, and I would imagine that in GWís opinion their people are suffering immensely 
under Communism.  Does that give W the excuse to go in and liberate their citizens?  He gets to 
decide what's a threat now, not the UN, right?  Isnít that what America tried to do in Vietnam?  
Does China have a right now to act against Taiwan if they are perceived as a threat?

You see, I do agree the Iraqi people have suffered.  But unless we really think about how to 
address this situation MANY MANY more people will suffer as a result.  Before you ask the United 
States to come in and liberate Iraqis, think about Afghanistan.  Supposedly the US has liberated 
them from the Taliban.  Are they better off now?  They are ruled by the N. Alliance, just as 
ruthless as the Taliban.  There are no elections, and an oil co. executive is President.  Women are 
still in burqas (something they DONíT have to wear in Iraq, if Iím not mistaken).  There is 
DEFINITELY a better wayÖ
 Abtehale Al-Hussaini <> wrote:

> Im an Iraqi and im very upset by your letter because it shows that
you dont really know what the majority of Iraqis in Iraq and outside
who are not Bath's want. we as Iraqis are in a situation where our
houses are on fire and do not care who puts out that fire !!!!!!!!
we are desperate people and in need of help from the international
community to join forces with the Iraqis and help them rid of Saddam.
leaving Saddam in power will only lead to the death of many more Iraqis.
In Iraq there is an every day war which is with Saddam. He kills them
and opresses them and whenever feels threatened will launch an attack
on his people.
what people must understand is that the people of Iraq have suffered
far too long from Saddam and this external military intervention may be
the only possible hope they have to get rid of Saddam. people in Iraq
want this war to happen because they see that they have nothing to
obviously no one wants to see their counrty bombed and its people
killed but isnt that happening every day in Iraq.
as for the rest of the muslims who have yet not realised whats going
on in Iraq and dont realise the suffereing of the Iraqi people and that
Iraqis dont want Saddam and are desperate people who are in need of
just a question, you oppose the war and probably any external
intervention but what do you think you can do to save the Iraqi people
as they are dying everyday due to the existance of Saddam.

> Siobhan McDonagh, MP
> House of Commons
> London SW1A 0LW
> Dear Ms McDonagh
> Possible war with Iraq
> I am writing to you as my MP to express my opposition to, and deep
> concerns over, the likely war with Iraq. Here are my reasons:
> This war would be immoral and dangerous. If there is a war, Muslims
> around the world will believe that the US and the UK are against
Islam -
> not only because a Muslim country is being attacked and innocent
> killed, but also because Israel both has weapons of mass destruction
> flouts UN resolutions, yet no action is taken.
> The humanitarian cost would be enormous. Save the Children, who have
> long worked in Iraq, predict that a war there will lead to a
> "humanitarian disaster". Many thousands of innocent Iraqis suffered
> died in the last Gulf War, and in the years of bombing and economic
> sanctions since then.
> I would become personally involved. My husband is a Muslim from North
> Africa, so if we go to war with Iraq, I effectively become an enemy of
> my husband's people. Can you guarantee that this will not happen? He
> is also a British citizen - where do you expect his loyalties to lie?
> There is no justification for killing innocent civilians to protect
> own self-interests. Since knowing my husband, I have come to realise
> how selfish our Western life-style and many of our values look from
> perspective of ordinary Muslims around the world and I am ashamed of
> arrogance and greed. It may be simplistic to believe that this war is
> about oil, strategic power and the control of resources, but this is
> it looks and what is widely believed.
> For the sake of the Iraqi people, and of my husband and his family, I
> urge you to speak out against the war and to urge Tony Blair and Jack
> Straw to pursue peaceful means of promoting peace in the Middle East.
> I welcome your reply.
> Yours sincerely,
> Cathy Aitchison
> 85 Love Lane, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3AW
> Tel: 020 8685 9928
> Email:
> --
> Cathy Aitchison
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