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I hesitate to get involved in this discussion but it seems to me that a major
element is not being raised. I don't think it can be denied that there are
people in power in US who are motivated by control of Iraqi oil. There may be
people who are genuinely concerned with Iraq as a threat to world peace or,
even more unlikely, as a participant in international terrorism but these are
not, in my submission, the motivating forces.

I think, it ought to be remebered that there are three world leaders driving
for war, Bush, Blair, and Sharon. I think it is relevant that both Bush and
Blair have large numbers of citizens who oppose the war, who are unconvinced
by the legality of war or by the arguments put forward. Of course, it doesn't
help that Bush, the major protagonist, is widely regarded, to quote The
Observer, as the Global Village Idiot.

For Israel, there is no significant opposition to Bush's war on Iraq. Why

Of the three, I submit, it is only really arguable that Bush would be
motivated by oil. What about Sharon? He clearly isn't influenced by WMDs. If
Israel believed Iraq had them, they would have taken them out. Of course,
Israel would prefer US controlled the Arab countries rather than the Arabs. I
submit it should never be forgotten that to many Zionists, the Promised Land
runs from the Nile to the Euphrates. Sharon talks about peace but has made it
abundantly clear to most of us that he is interested only in getting rid of
the Palestinian people, incorporating the rest of the Occupied Territories
into Israel and going on. The more chaos there is in the Arab Territories
which now occupy the Promised Land, including Iraq, the better.

And Blair? The hardest of the three to analyse. He makes sympathetic noises
about Palestine but always compromises them  by demands that the Palestinians
should meet conditions they have already agreed to. He does seem to try to
move the peace process forward but when Bush refuses he carries on without
criticising Bush. I have heard him condemn Arafat for not accepting Barak's
unacceptable offer at Camp David, an extraordinary thing for a not entirely
stupid man to do.

But he is not entirely stupid and unless he now believes his own propaganda,
he can't be impressed with Iraq as a threat to peace or as being involved in
terrorism. Why would he support the Zionist position?



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