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[casi] Smedley Butler would be rolling over in his grave...

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Something to think about...

Do not the Bush/Cheney/Rice/Blair relationships to the oil industry, the Bush Administration's 
desire to put Iraq under U.S. control, and America's heavy dependency on Iraqi oil make you wonder 
what other considerations may be at play? Please read the facts below and see if you can shed some 
light on the interesting relationships and ulterior motives that can be read from these facts.


* 31% of U.S. oil comes from Arab OPEC countries.
* 86% of oil imported to the U.S. from the middle east comes from Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
* In July of 2002 Chevron imported 5,061,000 barrels from Iraq.
* Chevron imports nearly five times more oil to the U.S. from Iraq than any other oil company.
* Chevron is the only major U.S. oil company that imports more oil from Iraq than from Saudi Arabia.
sources for the above facts: Department of Energy publications located here or here
* There are current Bush Administration plans to further reduce our dependency on Saudi Arabian 
oil, and to replace the Saudi supply with Iraqi oil.
source: Jane's Foreign Report
* BP (British Petroleum) is the only oil company other than Chevron that imports more oil to the 
U.S. from Iraq than from any other middle eastern nation.
source: Boycott Middle-East Oil, verified with Department of Energy stats
* Britain is the only other country who's government is strongly backing the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
source: The Observer
* George Bush Sr. is a former director of Halliburton. He is now one of the directors of The 
Carlyle Group, one of the U.S.'s largest defense contractors.
source: The Consortium and Here In Reality
* Dick Cheney, was Halliburtonís chairman and chief executive. Halliburton is the worldís largest 
oil field services company.
* Halliburton has signed contracts and provides services to Chevron.
source: The Consortium
* The Bush Administrations' National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice, was a former director of 
Chevron and held a quarter of a million shares of Chevron stock. She even had a tanker named after 
her until before being appointed by President Bush.
sources: Multinational Monitor and Democratic Underground

These facts show there is a serious conflict of interest with the relationships between the Bush 
family, the Bush Administration, Chevron, and Halliburton. The facts show the Bush family and 
friends stand to profit greatly from war and the controlled flow of Iraqi oil. Why should these 
conflicts of interest be allowed to progress to the point of war? The invasion of Iraq will 
certainly kill many people who have no interest, and who's families will not profit from the 
success or failure of Chevron, BP, Halliburton, or the Carlyle Group.

A lot less dangerous, but just as obvious analogy would be to imagine if the CEO of Sun 
Microsystems was to win the Presidential election (by whatever means). Imagine then that the CEO of 
Seagate (a hard drive manufacturer) were his running-mate, and other key members of the technology 
industry were appointed to lead positions in the President's Administration. Imagine that plans 
were enacted to switch all government operated computer systems from their current platform to Sun 
systems, all having Seagate hard drives. This platform conversion (war) would cost millions in 
taxpayer dollars and would ensure the profitability and longevity of Sun and Seagate (Chevron and 
Halliburton). Would this not raise any suspicions?

Let's review: Halliburton is the largest oil field services provider and provides services to 
Chevron. Bush Sr. was a director of Halliburton. Dick Cheney was Halliburton's CEO. Chevron is the 
#1 importer of Iraqi oil. There are Bush administration plans to reduce demand for Saudi oil and 
use Iraqi oil in place. Bush wants to invade Iraq. Invasions bring profit to defense contractors. 
Bush's daddy is one of the directors of one of the largest defense contractors. See the circle of 
greed and profit?

There must be a way to stop the relationship between the Bush Administration, Halliburton, The 
Carlyle Group, and Chevron from pushing this country into war and killing people who have no 
interest in profiting from the oil industry!!!

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