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I don't think this is on your website, it's a resolution from the UN
subcommission on human rights from August 2002

all the best


 7 August 2002

 Original: FRENCH

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Sub-Commission on the Promotion
and Protection of Human Rights
Fifty-fourth session
Agenda item 6

                       SPECIFIC HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES

    Mr. Alfonso Martinez, Mr. Bengoa, Mr. Decaux, Mr. Eide, Ms. Motoc,
      Mr. Ogurtsov, Mr. Park, Mr. Sattar, Mr. Sorabjee, Ms. Warzazi,
                   Mr. Yimer, Mr. Yokota: draft decision

           2002/? Humanitarian situation of the Iraqi population

The Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights,
referring to its decision 2001/115 of 16 August 2001; recalling the
disastrous situation of the Iraqi population caused by the embargo imposed
for 12 years; wishing to reaffirm that measures such as embargoes should be
limited in time, should in no way affect innocent civilian populations and,
for obvious humanitarian reasons, should be lifted even if the objectives
of the measures have not yet been attained; reaffirming the need to respect
the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights and the relevant provisions of the Geneva Conventions of 12 August
1949 and the two Additional Protocols thereto which prohibit the starving
of civilian populations and the destruction of what is indispensable to
their survival; underlining that such situations confront the United
Nations with a serious moral dilemma; expressing once again its concern at
the suffering endured daily by the civilian population, particularly the
children who are exposed to different diseases and to untimely death;
believing that the World Health Organization must devote special attention
to the serious health problems affecting the Iraqi population; bearing in
mind the vital needs and the conditions seriously affecting the standards
of living, nutrition, education and access to health facilities of the
population; again considering any embargo that condemns an innocent people
to hunger, disease, ignorance and even death to be a flagrant violation of
the economic, social and cultural rights and the right to life of the
people concerned and of international law, decided, without a vote, to
appeal again to the international community, and to the Security Council in
particular, for the embargo provisions affecting the humanitarian situation
of the population of Iraq to be lifted. The Sub-Commission also decided to
urge the international community and all Governments, including that of
Iraq, to alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi population, in particular by
facilitating the delivery of food, medical supplies and the wherewithal to
meet their basic needs.

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