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[casi] Crimes Against Hmanity

This letter was published in New Zealand DominionPost Dec. 28, 2002.
under the heading,
 "US Guilty of Terrible Crimes".

Consider - the 1991 US destruction of Iraq's infrastructure, coupled
with the sanctions has accounted for the loss of over a million and a
half, mostly young, Iraqi lives (UNESCO figures). Consider - as of
late last year the US had blocked the supply of $25 million worth of
Iraq's contracts for hospital essentials - sterilisers, oxygen plants
and spare parts for essential equipment that UNMOVIC had declared to
be of no risk.

Consider also - in June of last year, when negotiating for sanctions
changes, the US announced it would lift holds on $800 million of
contracts, of which $200 million involved business with key Security
Council members. They lifted $80 million of Chinese contracts they'd
previously put on hold and China agreed to the US proposals. Russia
vetoed them, and immediately the US put on hold nearly every contract
that Iraq had with Russian companies. There are children lying in
Iraqi cancer wards with no cure available, mainly because the
sanctions are continuously being manipulated by the US for political
gain. Forget about the "weapons of mass destruction" jingoism, let the
inspectors take care of that. Remember that the US has committed
terrible crimes against humanity in Iraq, and that the stated goal is
control of Middle East oil.

Tony Maturin,
4 Hoggard St.,
Wellington 6002. NZ
Ph. 389-4715.

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