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Re: [casi] Iraq - what next?
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Date:  Tue, 24 Dec 2002 00:13:52 AM GMT Standard Time
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>Responding to John Hemming.
>>I am opposed to the US invading and taking over Iraq.> My earlier question
>still standing Are you objecting to this on principle or are you objecting
>to it because the British think that Iraq, and the Gulf States should be,
>like it has been, in the British sphere of influence?

I do not think that Iraq should be a British Colony.  Nor do I think that Iraq should be an 
American Colony.  I believe that Iraq as with other countries should have self determination.  To 
that extent I would think my answer to your question is that I object to an american takeover as a 
matter of principle.

>Why not argue with the UK
>government not to attack in the first place?
I have argued with the UK government on many issues including the matter of Iraq.  Where we differ 
is that we have started looking at the issue of what happens in the event of military action.

>I am sure that your concern
>about street battles in Baghdad is motivated by your concern for the safety
>of the British troops involved in the attack rather than the Iraqi
>and military personals that are going to die before the British troops come
>any where near Baghdad
You are, however, wrong  (vide John Donne)

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