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Re: [casi] Iraq - what next?

Responding to Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar.

I am not a member of the UK government, nor am I a member of the Labour Party.  Millions of people 
have demonstrated their opposition to war with Iraq. I am opposed to the US invading and taking 
over Iraq. However, whether there will be a war or not is not a matter I can influence.  That in 
many ways is up to George W. Bush and Saddam Hussain although people such as Tony Blair have some 

At the moment both the UK and US governments as well as the Iraqi government are planning what 
might happen in the event of any military action.  As soon as the military action starts their 
plans will come into action.

Now is the time to tell the UK government that if they are concerned about the impact on the Iraqi 
people (which they claim) then they should avoid attacking infrastructure and:

>Killing thousands and thousands more because of lack of clean water, electricity, sewage system,
>transportation, telephones, hospitals, and .. and refined oil product because UK,& US will destroy 
>all these facilities, like they did in 1991

It may still be the case that no military action will be taken.  However, I believe it is worth 
looking at what might happen from  a humanitarian aspect.  It may not make you any happier living 
in Baghdad as you do to find that I have been arguing with the UK government that if they do attack 
then they should avoid street battles in Baghdad.

If and when military action starts, however, it will then be too late to influence the way in which 
it progresses. I have no voice in shaping the future of Iraq nor should I.  However, if it is 
possible to influence the course of any military action to minimise casualties do you think it is 
worth trying or just let things take their course?

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