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Re: [casi] Smallpox

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by Morris Beale (Book: The Drug Story)

Bringing the subject down almost to date, the rawest publicity stunt pulled
by public relations firms for the biologicals manufacturing business was in
New York City in Feb. and March of 1947.

On Feb. 25, Eugene LeBar, a Mexico City importer took a bus to New York
City. On March 10th he died in one of the city hospitals. The diagnosis was
"hemorrhagic bronchitis". Somewhere between that date and April 10th, the
Rockefeller public relations firm, recently assigned to the American Medical
Association because the upward spiral of drug trust profits wasn't spiraling
upward fast enough, had a brilliant idea.

Senor LeBar, they reasoned, during his long trip had been in the same
atmosphere with thousands of people from El Paso to New York. Why not drum
up a SMALLPOX SCARE all over the United States and make ten million more
dollars filling the nation's blood stream with cow pus and horse filth.

With New York's publicity-loving Mayer, Wm. O'Dwyer, as the spearhead, this
is exactly what they did. The bronchitis diagnosis was changed to one of
smallpox 30 days after Senor LeBar's demise. Mayor O'Dwyer ordered everyone
in New York vaccinated, although HE HAD NO MORE POWER TO DO THIS than
Mahatma Gandhi had.

The associated Press put the story on its wires in a big way, its "science"
editor going all out to exploit this latest in "science". Of course, that
didn't make AP Director Arthur Hays Sulzberger of the Rockefeller foundation
mad with his editors.

All the dopes and dupes in New York formed long lines in front of every
police station and every doctor's office and had five years lopped off the
other end of their lives. Newspapers and health departments all over the
country, following the O'Dwyer publicity spread the serum HOAX and exhorted
their own dupes to "get vaccinated". Thousands upon thousands of them did.
One public relations firm for the drug trust planted a fake story that Pres.
Truman had himself vaccinated before coming to New York to address a
newspaper convention. Although this was denied by the White House, the
denial, as usual, never caught up with the lie.

The police station vaccinations cost the taxpayers of New York City $850,000
(remember this is 1947) and those who went to private doctors, even more.
The Drug Trust undoubtedly added ten to fifteen million dollars to its 1947

Source: The Drug Story, pp.138-139, by Morris Bealle - 1949 wrote:
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Apparently after the "Homeland Security Corporate Giveaway" has, by law,
limited pharmaceutical company's liability for anything that their wares
might inflict upon folks, we are going to administer 500,000 doses of
smallpox vaccine to US service people.

I can only imagine that this is a multimillion dollar payday for some US
based pharmaceutical company, but is perhaps somewhat dangerous for the

So, is there any credible intelligence that suggests that this is anything
other than corporate welfare for the manufacturer? And if we do have
credible information that this may be important for "our" protection, (this
is like a burglar wearing a bullet proof vest while breaking into your home)
isn't it interesting that the government of the USA is more interested in
protecting the military, and far less interested in protecting the citizenry?


Roger Stroope
Treat others not as you wish to, but as they wish to be...
Austin College, Sherman Texas

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