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Re: [casi] Full Amnesty Report on Iraq 2002

Dear nermin, and all,

>Till now I am waiting the end of this discussion about human rights and AI
>annual report.

Don't sanctions fall within the "human rights" category? I thought they did,
along with many other tragedies concerning the Iraqi people.

>Regarding Iraq, the report repeats itself year after year and has nothing
>say but the same information without any documents.

I think the same goes for the Sanctions if you apply this in the same
respect. Over 10 years and no progress.

>Yes I agree with Hasan that most of data are biased on reports given by
>Iraqis who seek asylum in the west and they forgot that they had finished
>their studies in Iraq where the education was free, or in western
>universities on the expenses of Iraqi government.

A lot of Iraqi professionals living outside Iraq had a good University
education prior to the sanctions. A lot of them were sent to American and
European Universities as well (with strings attached of course...If you were
sponsored to study Theoretical Nuclear Physics in America then it doesn't
take a genius to figure out why the regime REALLY wanted you [as was the
case with Dr. Khidhir Hamza]). I think I have pointed this out before; a
free education system cannot compensate for brutal dictatorship, oppression,
genocide, occupation, warmongering and much more. I understand that you
cannot be seen to agree with these because of your current position.
I received a free education in the UK, by the UK Government, but that
doesn't justify their use of Sanctions on the Iraqi civilians, and I dont
think you can use Iraq's once-free education system to a similar effect.

>Again, I agree with Hasan
>that being against one person dose not mean being against whole country and
>nation, but!

Definately true. I couldn't agree more with you myself.

>  The same report indicates the double standard of the terms (human rights
>and terrorism). Many international personalities assure that the sanctions
>are violating the Human Rights Chart and many other international accords
>this field, but who dares to put this in a report?

Yes, the sanctions on civilian goods certainly violate the Human Rights
Charter and many other international accords in this field. Actually, AI
acknowledges the suffering of the Iraqi people under sanctions. It supports
all means to end the suffering and strongly supports the position of the UN
Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, adopted on 8 December
1997, that "inhabitants of a given country do not forfeit their basic
economic, social and cultural rights by virtue of any determination that
their leaders have violated norms relating to international peace and

>   About Halabja, I attended a press conference in Baghdad in 1990. It was
>June or July, I do not remember, attended by April Gelaspy, the US
>ambassador in Iraq, and many of American businessmen, in that conference,
>she, the ambassador, said that US had information that Halabja was attacked
>chemically by Iranians.

Are we talking about the same America that imposed Sanctions on the Iraqi
people?, that supplied and built up Saddam's weapons capabilities?, that
supported him in his illegal and devastating war against Iran?, that until
recently even supported the Taliban? Are you seriously supporting this
American claim in light of this? Its no as if America has even provided this
"information", but do you really think it is a credible statement?

Peace, Mustafa

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