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[casi] Baathists in a twist

hello all,

it's quite amusing to see that the baathists on the list are running around
panicing over AI's report. they seem to be out in force recently.

firstly, with regards to halabja - an issue covered thoroughly on this list
many times, but seems to keep repeating itself. - they claim it was not
saddam but iran. check out glen's comprehensive response to that claim back
in january:

then, they try to say that Dujeil (where saddam hussein wiped out an entire
village and its inhabitants because a person from the village had attempted
to assasinate him) is normal practice, and its just a normal response! what
do u take us for? murderous baathists? not even israel, with its
mass-punishment policies does that.

then, they try to make a comparison with other arab countries saying look at
how they reacted to demonstrations (dispersing and arresting people). that's
almost comical, here's what the iraqi government's official policy is with
regards to non-government organised demonstrations:

Dealing with Demonstrations:

The detailed instructions state that the location of a demonstration should
be surrounded, the elevated points occupied, and demonstrators should be
shot at with the aim of killing 95 percent of them and saving the rest for
interrogation. Another instruction calls for the technical unit [euphemism
for chemical weapons] to be kept in reserve.

Original copy:

then, they try to discredit everything and anything about AI. read human
rights watch's reviews of iraq and weep.

all their attempts are aimed at portraying saddam and his regime as just any
other government.

if the AI report isn't valid enough, how about the iraqi government's own
documents? is that good enough as proof? here you go, just a small taster. i
can't wait for the excuses and weak arguements:

-Managing Prohibited Villages:

Seven-step procedure for managing villages in the North that are "prohibited
for security reasons." Directions include: capture, detention, arrest, and
execution of villagers found in the "prohibited areas." Signed: Ali Hasan
al-Majid, June 20, 1987.

Original copy (Arabic):

-Plan of Action for the Marshes:

Plan of action for the Marshes adopted in 1987 and approved by "Mr. Leader
President (May God Preserve him)." Steps include: "technical security
operations against terrorist elements in the Marshes, such as poisoning,
explosions, and burning of houses against friends and relatives of
subversives in the Marsh areas as a lesson to others"; assassination of
"hostile elements"; controlling traffic; burning and demolishing houses; use
of planes; and "continuing the economic blockade more efficiently to limit
provision of their daily living needs," by: withdrawing all food supply
agencies, banning the sale of fish, "taking the most severe measures against
those who supply food to deserters and unlawful and hostile elements,'
prohibiting the traffic of goods, and using tribes. Dated January 30, 1989.

English translation and original copy:

-46 Persons Executed:

A report on: 46 persons executed (including 19 for "being present in the
villages prohibited for security reasons, in accordance with Clause 5 of the
June 20, 1987 decree of the [Bureau for the] Organization of the North"; 47
people sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court; and 2532 people and
1869 families "sent to Popular Army Camp in Ta'mim [Kirkuk] Governorate from
among those seized during the heroic Anfal operations." Signed: Sulaymaniyya
Governorate Security Director, October 29, 1988.

Original copy:

-Order to Execute Wounded Civilians:

Order from the Halabja Security Directorate to the Sulaymaniyya Security
Directorate, to implement the recommendations of Ali Hasan al-Majid to
execute wounded civilians and raze neighbourhoods of Kani Ashqan with tanks,
bulldozers, and shovels. Dated May 14, 1987.

Original copy:

- Families Detained, Homes Demolished:

Report that, after the execution of "the criminals," their families were
detained and their homes demolished. Signed: Tahir Tawfiq, Secretary of
Committee for the Affairs of the North, September 17, 1987.

Original copy:

- Father Executed, Assets Confiscated:

Addressing the request of a citizen regarding the detention and execution of
her family members and the demolition of their home. The report explains
that all the assets of her "criminal" father have been confiscated because
of his connection to an internal organization of Iran's agents. Dated
September 16, 1989.

Original copy:

- 12 Persons Executed:

Report listing the 12 people executed by Sulaymaniyya Directorate on October
18, 1985, among whom three died during interrogation. Order of execution
given by Director General with no issuance of death certificates.

Original copy:
Also check: (44, some
during interrogation).

- Parents Liquidated:

Report on the inquiry by Bakhtiar Qoron about the fate of his parents. The
report explains that they are the parents of the "criminal" Hoshyar Qoron
Ahmed, "an element of the gang of Iranian agents," eight of whose members
had been captured and executed, and that the parents have been "liquidated"
in Baghdad. Dated November 20, 1989.

Original copy:

- 87 Persons Executed:

>From Sulaymaniyya Governorate Security Directorate: a list of 87 names of
people who were executed from January 1 through August 1989, with a summary
of each case. Among others, "crimes" range from trespassing into forbidden
zones, being an element of Iranian agents, and teaching Kurdish. Dated
August 24, 1989.

Original copy:

- Registry of Eliminated Villages:

Notebook-type volume bound in pink wrapping paper with a large violet on the
front cover. Contains manuscript entries detailing the names and locations
of a large number of villages "eliminated" in the Sulaymaniyya, Diyala, and
Ta'mim [Kirkuk] Governorates during 1987.

Original copy:

- Seized and Disappeared:

Top Secret file from General Security of Sulaymaniyya Governorate on Hamad
Amin al-Jaff, who is identified as having been "seized by military units in
1988 in the villages prohibited for security reasons during the heroic Anfal
Operations. We currently know nothing about his fate."

Original copy:

- Bureaucratic Beheading:

"We do not object to the decapitation of traitors. But it would have been
preferable had you also sent them to Security for the purpose of
interrogating them”

Original copy and translation:

- Admission of Chemical Use:

The Iranian enemy has supplied the saboteurs' families in the villages and
Rural areas along the border with pharmaceutical drugs, especially
anti-chemical Medicaments; and they [Iranian enemy] are training them to use
syringes for this Purpose and to wear protective head masks.

Original Copy:

- Operation Binary 24, "Kurdish saboteurs" have been sent to complete its
The three documents refer to Operation Binary 24 -- for which, the first
letter reports, "Kurdish saboteurs" have been sent to complete its
experiments; for which the second letter requests more "shipments of Kurdish
saboteurs"; and whose documentation, the third letter commands, is to be
destroyed and any leakers of information banished or killed.

Comment and original copy:
(The comment does not say what “operation binary 24” is. I think it is to do
with chemical weapons manufacturing)

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