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Re: [casi] Full Amnesty Report on Iraq 2002

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In a message dated 05/29/2002 9:54:50 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> I would be interested to know what did he do
> trying to stop these violations when he was in
> Iraq "speaking to anyone he wanted to" over
> there. Or was he concentrating on "bad points"
> of the sanctions system, "terrible though they

I would call you by name, but as you don't give one I guess I will call you
George, could be right no?
Immediately following Desert Slaughter the Shi'is of the South and the Kurds
of the North rose up against SH in an effort to "stop the violations."

Of course General Norm S was sitting around in the South watching all of this
happen.  Also, Of Course, the world did nothing to support either of these
uprisings or stop the slaughter by SH of these peoples.

So, with this picture in the forefront of you mind, George, I would ask you
the following question: What exactly did you want Hoggard to do whilst he was
in Iraq to topple the regime or end the violations?  I question whether a
military campaign by Hoggard would have garnered the results you are
interested in, all of us are interested in; an end to the suffering of humans

Perhaps if he had carried a soap box on which to stand (would have had to
take with as they are probably forbidden by the sanctions committee as a dual
use, unless of course the right persons used them, i.e. non Kurds or non
shi'is) and spoken loudly against human rights violations that would have
gained him a one way trip out of the country and hindered any further
contribution he could have made by limiting his first hand experiences.

The West clearly did not want the violations to stop or they would have long
since.  What they want of course is another military leader that will keep
the people in 'their place' and not a new regime that will threaten Western
interests by inciting anti-Kurd Turkey or uniting a new Iraq philosophically
with Iran (Shi'is).

As to your query relating to Hoggards "concentration on bad points of the
sanctions system"..
I remind you only of this CASI- Campaign Against Sanctions in Iraq.

Roger Stroope
Peace is a Human Right
903-870-9888 h
903-436-8366 m

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