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Re: [casi] Saddams men kill 40 in mosque fight

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In a message dated 05/29/2002 12:47:32 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

> > I would also question whether soldiers would defile such a sensitive, holy
> > site - in 1991 the standoff went on for ten days before they went in to
> the
> > Mosque, for exactly that reason (I cautiously  believe this to be true,
> >

"" may be true or it may not be - You should get real,
dear Felicitas, not to talk about the other many
insinuations in your reply to Yasser.
Alexander Sternberg"

Mr. Sternberg and the many readers of CASI; I thought the idea of this list
was to DISCUSS, rather than blindly TRUST all that is written.  We have had
conversations prior to this one whereby DISCUSSION about a particular claim
was bantered about between the interested parties.  As we all know, all of us
come to these postings with our own biases and personal experiences in tow.
I personally find some of the postings to be more 'credible' when filtered
through my own experiences, and some to be less so.

  I think your information relating to satellite communications is
potentially relevant, Mr. Sternberg, and is certainly part of the discussion.
 I also, as one who does not know of any history that the two of you may or
may not share, think your parting "dear Felicitas" was rather condescending
and potentially inappropriate.  But then again perhaps the two of you share
New Years Tea together and your calling her "dear Felicitas" isn't in fact as
condescending as it otherwise sounds, but a warm reply between two longtime

I think that the points made in F's reply are valid ones, neither slanderous
or superfluous, ones that should be brought up, ones that should be considered
.  I personally find Felicity's postings to be honest and genuine, as well as
nicely thought out.

Peacefully yours,

Roger Stroope
Peace is a Human Right
Austin College

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