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[casi] Axis of Peace - how to respond?

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>From Dave Rolstone who recently returned from Nablus, one of the
internationals travelling with ambulances, food deliveries and humanitarian
aiders - best, felicity a. (apols for multiple posting, haste ..)

This earlier speech by Tony Benn comes a step closer to that foul reality it
portends. George Bush is cruising the world looking for support for Outright
War against Iraq as reported by the BBC on R4 this week. The Medea has
finally been brought to there senses, and they have now started to tell us
how terrible the sanctions have been for Iraqi civilians. They are also
saying that how ever hard the CIA has tried, Iraq has never been implicated
with terrorism. Dave.

Tony Benn, 2nd March 2002, Trafalgar Square:
"The moment the bombing of Iraq begins, we should stop for one hour. We
should remember the women of Baghdad who will be widows, the children who
will become orphans.
I've never said this before. Non-violent resistance to the government will
show they cannot claim to do this in our name. We should stop the buses,
stop the trains, stop the schools.
Everyone here should raise the threat of war in their schools, places of
worship, where they work and live. We could be facing a Third World War,
triggered by stupid men"

A cowardly air/cruise missile attack on Iraq seems inevitable. This time
the peace movement may be ready to respond.

USA - the world's superpower
Iraq - one of the weakest countries on earth

Or should we act now, before the event? Is there enough consensus, enough
commitment or just an empty hole of disharmony?



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