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[casi] FW: Amnesty Int'l UK advert: Jewish Chronicle & Al-Quds - forsigning

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Friends, I think this is a constructive coming together - best. f.

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Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2002 3:12 PM
Subject: Amnesty Int'l UK advert: Jewish Chronicle & Al-Quds - for signing

from Asad Rehman of Amnesty International UK

Dear Friends

Following is an Amnesty International UK statement which will be appearing
in next weeks Jewish Chronicle and Al-Quds newspaper.

The advert will highlight the rise in the Far-right and Fascist parties
across Europe as well the increase in Islamaphobia, racism and

We are asking people if they would agree to sign their names to the
statement which will then appear as a list of signatures in the advert.

However copy deadline for the Jewish Chronicle is Monday 5pm... so we need
all names in by then. Could you please send out this request to any of your

If they want to add their name please ask them to send an e-mail to <>  or ring on
0207 417 6375

Please circulate to anybody who you think would be interested in signing. We
are particularly looking for members of Jewish community, Muslim community,
celebs, politicians, trade unionists etc.... (anybody basically)

(We require peoples names and organisation if applicable)




As members of all communities including Jews and Muslims we are gravely
concerned at the sharp increase in racism and anti-semitism across Europe.

We note with concern the recent electoral success of far-right and Fascist
parties in France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Denmark and Norway, as
well as the British National Party in the UK. Mainstream parties across
Europe are also increasingly adopting the agenda of the far-right by
demonising refugee and asylum communities so legitimising racism and

Since September 11th Muslim communities in particular have become the focus
for vilification with a huge increase in racist violence and attacks.
Mosques and other Muslim property as well as members of the Muslim and Arab
communities have increasingly become the targets of hostility, hatred and
attacks. In Brussels recently, a Moroccan immigrant couple were shot dead
and two of their children wounded in a racist attack. Mosques and Islamic
schools have been firebombed in the UK, Poland, Denmark, Ireland and
Holland. Whilst in the UK a young Muslim woman was attacked for wearing a
Muslim headscarf.

In Europe there are now attempts to use the current conflict in the Middle
East to legitimise anti-semitism. Synagogues, Jewish cemeteries and other
Jewish property as well as members of the Jewish community have become the
target for hostility, hatred and attacks. In France the Synagogue in
Marseilles was burned to the ground, as were ones in Brussels and Antwerp in
Belgium. In the UK an attack on a synagogue saw a swastika scrawled on the
lectern, whilst in other attacks members of orthodox or Hasidic Jewish
communities have been hospitalised. In Germany a young Jewish woman was
attacked for simply wearing a Star of David pendant.

We call on all governments not to let the far-right set the agenda and to
redouble their efforts to combat racism in all its forms and to bring to
justice the perpetrators of hate crimes.

We also reiterate our determination to stand united as one community in the
struggle to combat racism and anti-semitism wherever it occurs.


Asad Rehman
Ethnic Minority & Religious Affairs Office
Outreach Team
Campaigns Dept
Amnesty International UK
99 Rosebery Avenue
London EC1R 4RE

0207 417 6375 tel 0207 713 0190 fax 07930 869895 mobile <>

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