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[casi] Request for Contacts from Danmark AntiSanctions

Dear Colleagues,

CoilŪn ”hAiseadha
aat 2002 @†† (spaces inserted to prevent spam)
+45-3616 5666 / 2192 5666

of the Denmark Anti Sanctions Group, Stop Terrorkrigen would greatly appreciate
leads from CASI for finding co-panelists for my presentations in Denmark in
early June.† If you can suggest a Danish†† candidate or have other suggestions,
we would greatly appreciate hearing from any member of this listserv.

Below is the text of the† request that Coilin asked me to forward to CASI:
††††††††††††††††††† ========================
Tom Nagy will be visiting Denmark on 3-4 June, and the group organizing his
visit would like your support and suggestions for organizing an event that
attracts the attention of the most relevant and influential organizations
and individuals in the country.

In particular, the Danish group is looking for suggestions for:
1. individuals who can make a qualified critical contribution to a panel
discussion of the sanctions.
This might include a public health professional, lawyer, senior army
officer, politician or academic with relevant insight into the Iraq-US
conflict. A Danish or Scandinavian Genocide Scholar might make a
particularly constructive contribution. The objective is to facilitate a
critical examination of Tom's presentation and thus to provide the event
with water-tight credibility in academic, professional and military
circles, and in the media.
2. organizations that might host and/or sponsor Tom's visit to Copenhagen
and possibly Odense or Ňrhus
3. contact with parties who might be interested in participation in the
audience, and particularly journalists, academics, military personnel,
health professionals, etc.

The proposed title for the event is "SLUK KOLERAKRIGEN - VAND ER LIV"
The event is being organized by a peace organization named Stop
Terrorkrigen (Stop the Terror War)
CoilŪn ”hAiseadha
aat 2002 @†† (spaces inserted to prevent spam)
+45-3616 5666 / 2192 5666

Thanks in advance!


CASI has a wealth of experience and contacts; moving† public and elite opinion
away from the conventional wisdom on Iraqi policy in Denmark is a formidable
challenge, hence we turn to CASI for help.

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
George Washington University

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