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Iran: Lift Sanctions (11 Nov 00)/Iran Chairs Group of 77 (2001)

For anyone considering the role that strategic Middle Eastern States can play in facilitating a 
sanctions policy change, consider that Iran called for lifting sanctions and that for 2001 Iran 
will chair the Group of 77.  See below Iran's call to lift sanctions and a description of the Group 
of 77.

"Iranian foreign minister Dr. Kamal Kharrazi called for lifting the UN sanctions against Iraq, 
saying the sanctions have caused many sufferings to the Iraqi people.

Currently in Doha, Qatar, to attend the 9th OIC ministerial meeting Dr. Kharrazi told reporters 
Iraq and Iran had embassies in each other's capitals and exchanged diplomatic relations at charge 
d'affaires level, upgrading those relations to the level of ambassadors would depend on resolving 
pending issues that remained from wartime, and these issues had to be resolved before upgrading 
those relations.

He said that some of those issues were humanitarian, including the exchange of POWs and the remains 
of those killed in the war. Settlement of those issues could lead to establishment of good ties and 
good neighborliness.

Commenting on returning Iraqi planes, Dr. Kharrazi said the two sides had set up some committees to 
handle the issue." (Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Dr. Kharrazi Calls for 
Lifting of UN Sanctions on Iraq," 11 November 200, <>
* From main url: 1. "Foreign Policy"  2. "Viewpoints"  3. "Regional"  4. "Iraq" (in "Persian Gulf") 

According to the Group of 77 Website, "As the largest Third World coalition in the United Nations, 
the Group of 77 provides the means for the developing world to articulate and promote its 
collective economic interests and enhance its joint negotiating capacity on all major international 
economic issues in the United Nations system, and promote economic and technical cooperation among 
developing countries (ECDC/TCDC)." 

For a list of the Group of 77's 133 members (as of 25 Sep 98), see: 

For Iran's chair confirmation, see below. 

"The Group of 77 of the Whole will hold a ceremonial meeting (closed), at the ambassadorial level, 
to mark the formal turnover of the chairmanship of the Group of 77 from the Federal Republic of 
Nigeria to the Islamic Republic of Iran on Friday, 12 January 2001, at 10 a.m. in the Trusteeship 
Council Chamber."
(Journal of the United Nations, "Meetings Other Than Meetings of United Nations Bodies," 9 January 


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