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Sanctions and DU videos

Dear all,
I would like to let you know that work of about three years, lobbying in
the UN, several visits to Iraq, and actual scientific research in DU has
finally bore fruit in the form of two 35 minutes videos.
"Sanctions against Iraq. A Weapon of Mass Destruction".  : explodes the
myth that the "Oil for Food Formula" can solve a country's survival
problems especially with no infrastructure, and with the population at
large extremely incapacitated by radioactive,chemical and
bacteriological pollution. The fact that all epidemics are rampant in
Iraq because of the failure of sewage/water sanitation, coupled with
near complete lack of medicines has led to a frightening rise of deaths
especially in children. The video shows the failure in education among
other things in the light of the Charter for Human Rights of the UN.

"From Radioactive Mines to Radioactive Weapons" follows the cycle of
destruction of uranium, and depicts its effects on miners, Gulf War
veterans, and Iraqi. The similarities in massive unknown illnesses,
failure of the immune system, the massive rise of cancers, the explosion
of birth defects, are similar in all groups concerned. The video ends
with the scientific validation of DU as a  main culprit .

To order the videos please contact Beatrice Boctor : The price is 15 for each video. Contributions to
the research effort will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all.
Beatrice Boctor

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