Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq


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12 actions for 12 years of sanctions

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3 - Join or form a group

If public opinion were firmly against the economic sanctions it would be almost impossible for the government to maintain its support for them. The great majority of people would probably be against sanctions if they had a full knowledge of the situation. One way to spread news of what is happening in Iraq as widely as possible is to get involved in a local group. CASI can send you details of campaigning groups and related charities in your area.

If there is no group near to you campaigning on Iraq and you wish to take a more active role then you might decide to form a group yourself. The easiest way to form a group is to draw in those whom you already know, with whom you may have talked the matter over and who have similar ideas to you. From there you can consider a few points which from the outset it is useful for you all to be clear about:

- what your group does and exactly what it stands for

- the level of commitment: how much time you all want to put it

- who does what within the group: it is crucial to avoid too much concentration of workload or responsibility on any individual

- when and where you are going to have meetings.


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