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[casi] very major correction!!

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It has been pointed out that date on the corbis photos on are May 1991 not May 2003.

Which as someone has gently suggested probably rules out the Americans, I will append my reply to 
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DATE: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 13:58:25
From: "Tom Young" <>

egg on face.
I had originally found them on website that was presenting them as contemporary, it took me ages to 
hunt the source down and I kept on assuming they were contemporary.
My guess is they certainly arnt soldiers.  If Kutswadi was in the Kurdish free zone - however the 
flat landscape doesnt look like Kurdistan - they could be victims of the uprising .   But I cant 
find out where Kutswadi is.  It is difficult to foresee circumstances where the Iraqi regime would 
escort western journalists to its own mass grave scenes.   So I dont think they are Baathists 
officials- but maybe I am wrong.  Unless the Baathists were trying to allege Shiite brutality in 
executing Iraqi soldiers, which would explain why the photos appear not to have been released, ie 
used by western Media. (according to Corbis).  It would also explain why it was near the Iranian 
border as cross border attacks from exiled groups harboured by Iran was a major feature of the 
Shiite uprising.  Equally it could be argued that they could Shiite civilians killed in the 
uprising, but I still dont see circumstances where Baathist soldiers and officials would be 
escorting photo journalists to th
e site.
I would still argue they have not been excavated from that site.   And it is a staged scene, by 
whoever, and that bodies dont appear to be executed by bullet.
However as I have no idea about what the story really is here, perhaps I had better shut up  :D

Tom Young

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