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[casi] Iraqi date-growing season?

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Spotted on LF via La Voz de Aztlan ( via AP photo.  Posted below. pg
"UPDATE: Some are saying that this anaylsis "is dead wrong. In fact, that is the exact conclusion 
desired by the psyop team who constructed this piece of photo trickery."
One spoor that has created the greatest suspicion in my mind about the capture of Saddam is the CIA 
picture of two soldiers holding the styrofoam plug that concealed the "spider hole."

You'll note the clump of dates hanging from a date palm in the background.

I've lived in date growing regions long enough to know that dates begin to come out early in the 
summer and are ready to pick in July or August. If left unharvested, dates slowly ripen from a 
firmness like that of ripe apples to a softer, ever more sugary consistency. Left alone they will 
drop off the tree as big sugary globs that birds and wildlife will prey upon, leaving piles of 
pits. And that's what you should find in December hanging from a date palm - nothin'.

I called an Iraqi friend of mine and asked him if, to his knowledge, there was any variety of dates 
in Iraq in which the tree held on to its fruit so very late in the season. His answer was an 
unequivocal, "No."

This jpg was posted on La Voz de Aztlan today under the title "The Saddam Hussein Capture Hoax."

A larger picture of the trees is available @

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